Honey Composites was the first pattern manufacturer to use the NOMEX Honeycomb Composite Material. Fuselages manufactured with NOMEX provide 100% rigidity, no bulkheads or formers are required. This construction technique will save approximately 8 ounces compared to a fiberglass fuselage. All NOMEX fuselages come primed and ready to paint.

All NOMEX kits are semi-built kits. All foam surfaces are sheeted with contest grade balsa with the retract plates and wing sockets installed.

We are very proud to offer 3 very successful pattern kits this year. The Hurricane won the Chilean NATS in F3A 1997. The Gemini won the 1997 AMA Nationals in Advanced by designer Kevin Proodian and Jason Shulman flew a Storm EX to 3rd place at the 1998 Nats in FAI. All 3 kits are proven performers.

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